Launching of e-Lumi

e-Lumi is an original product created by the Chair in Photonics in collaboration with the Moselle Department, the Nancy-Metz Academy and Dida Concept. Launched on 16/05/2019 for the International Day of Light and deployed on 17/01/2020 in all the colleges of Moselle, e-Lumi offers a set of 18 fun experiences and a game to discover photonics or science and technologies using light. A sequence of experiments allows you to discover photonics and its applications on the basis of four major social issues:

  • Light and physical (energy)
  • Light and colors (vision)
  • Light and image (digital)
  • Light and information (communication)

https://www.republicain-lorrain.fr/edition-thionville-hayange/2020/01/18/e-lumi-un-coffret-pedagogique-innovant https://france3-regions.francetvinfo.fr/grand-est/moselle/metz/cattenom-lumiere-fuse-collegiens-moselle-1775451.html https://www.republicain-lorrain.fr/edition-thionville-hayange/2020/01/18/photos-cattenom-pour-les-collegiens-de-charles-peguy-tout-s-eclaire https://rcf.fr/actualite/social/e-lumi-une-mallette-et-urbest-un-salon